Professional Business Headshots

We offer professional corporate headshots for companies at their location, or location of choice. We specialize in being efficient and maximizing your company’s time so that your team members only need 5-10 minutes out of their day for their headshot.

Useful Information

What professional resources are saying about having a great headshot:

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Useful Information for the day you get your business headshot taken:

LinkedIn – What to wear for women
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For environmental headshots, we can do a site visit prior to the shoot or help you choose the best location the day of the shoot. For standard corporate headshots, many companies use white, but we can use any color that you choose. If needed, we can send you a catalog of colors that are available.

We will upload everyone’s photos to an online gallery. You can give your team access to the gallery so they can download their pictures individually. Everyone gets the highly edited image cropped 2 different ways. The first crop is vertical and the second crop is square for sites like LinkedIn that require square.

We can provide a schedule template for you to have your employees sign up or get scheduled in. It will have 3 lines every 10 minutes and space for everyone’s First Name, Last Name and Email Address.

The ideal space will be at minimum 12 ft. wide by 15 ft. long. Ceilings a minimum of 8-10 ft. Larger space is better, but these are the minimums just to get an idea.

Yes, 99% of the companies we work with do them at their location.

Yes. We do work with local hair / makeup professionals that we can bring with on the day of to offer their services. Keep in mind- these are basic touchups that take a few minutes only. You should have everyone come to their scheduled time ready for their picture.

We guarantee our work. If we can edit their picture differently to get it the way they want, we will do so. If they are not satisfied after a re-edit, we will re-take their picture if that’s what they want.

We make it very efficient and easy for your team members. We schedule approximately 3 people every 10 minutes so nobody will have to wait longer than 5-6 minutes.

We want your headshot to look like the best version of you. Below are the items we look at when retouching:
Areas in the photo that are too bright are toned down and shadows are enhanced.
Lint on clothing is removed.
Skin blemishes are removed or lightened. This includes pimples, dry skin, minor scars and any discolorations.
Shiny patches of skin are minimized.
Under eye bags are lightened.
Wrinkles are softened.
Eyes are whitened, brightened and sharpened.
Discolored teeth are whitened and cleaned.
Flyaway hairs are removed.
Visible nose, ear and unwanted facial hairs are removed.

Retouching is included in our pricing. Everyone gets their best picture highly edited. That picture is edited and cropped in vertical and then one square (sites like LinkedIn want square). Editing includes removing any blemishes, stray hairs, softening skin and brightening eyes, etc… Sometimes people want more editing, less editing or love it just the way it is. We want to make sure it is edited the way you want, so let us know if there is anything else we can do.

Files are delivered within 7-10 business days.

We schedule 3 people every 10 minutes so that people don’t have to wait in line. People come at their scheduled time, and it takes between 2-5 minutes / person.

Many of our clients have us take hundreds of headshots for all of their team members. One of the main reasons is so all their people have a professional headshot for online presence. This not only helps the image of each individual, but also raises the image of the company as well. If you have a branding guideline that you want us to follow, definitely let us know.

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Tips for Team Members Getting Headshots

General Wardrobe Recommendations

  • Confidence is important. Choose an outfit that you are comfortable in and feel your best.
  •  Darker tones for tops are best for lighter skin as they add depth and contrast. The opposite is true for darker skin tones.
  • Avoid wearing all white unless it is worn with a suit jacket or sweater on top as it tends to lose detail.
  • Bring your outfit with you and change into it just before your session to avoid wrinkles.
  • If wearing a polo, consider the wrinkle free options, they work best.
  • Go with outfits that do not have excessive patterns, bold stripes or logos. Solid colors are the best.
  • Watch the neckline. V-necks are great and accentuate your features but avoid going too low.
  • If you can’t decide, bring multiple outfits and we can help you decide what looks best.
  • Remove everything from your pockets such as wallets, keys and phones as they can be visible in photos.
  • Avoid sleeveless top

More Professional Headshot Tips

  • Smile: At the end of the day, the key to a wonderful business headshot is your smile. It might take you a few moments to relax in front of the camera. Once you’re comfortable, stare straight down the barrel of the lens and think of someone you love. That feeling shows up as a beautiful smile in your mouth and your eyes.
  • Jewelry: Choose simple earrings and necklaces. Keep the focus on the face. Big statement jewelry takes away from the headshot.
  • Glasses: Many clients ask us if they can wear their glasses for the headshot. Yes, definitely. A couple of tips. If we are doing the headshots outside, the only issue is if you have transition lenses because they will be dark. If you have a pair without the transition lenses, they would work better. As for glare, we have many ways to avoid that so no worries.

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